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Why a luxury party venue elevates every occasion
June 2020

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We think that if you’re going to host an amazing party in London it needs to be three things; indulgent, fantastical and above all, memorable. As any planner knows, there are dozens of strands that need weaving together to achieve a truly fabulous event, but there’s one that underpins all of these elements – a luxury party venue.

Whether you’re throwing a summer party for your colleagues, a birthday celebration for a special someone or a drinks reception for valued clients, a luxury party venue will go a long way to creating a night your guests will remember for years to come. There are several things that make a venue worthy of the ‘luxury’ label, here, we list some of the essential criteria.

First impressions

Your guests’ engagement with your event begins long before they walk through the doors of the room you’ve hired. It begins as early on as their first step out of the tube station. As you research which luxury London party venue you’re going to book, put yourself in the shoes of your potential party goers and literally walk in their steps.

Does the neighbourhood of your venue reflect the look and feel you’re trying to invoke? As your guests find the right road and begin looking up at numbers and building names, are they beginning to get excited about the prospect of spending an evening in one of these places? And, when they finally arrive at their destination, does it make them draw breath, give them butterflies and tingles of anticipation as to what lies behind the venue’s doors? A luxury party venue will mean you can answer yes to all of these questions.

On arrival

A luxury party venue should have a show-stopping entrance and reception area. You want your guests’ gaze to be darting all around, not knowing where it should settle. Grand staircases, glass atriums, spectacular artwork – there are endless ways in which a venue can achieve this and you’ll know when you visit if it hits the mark. It’s also worth taking note of how you’re greeted when you arrive. Venue staff who go above and beyond to make you and your guests feel welcome are just as important as the space itself.

The details

When used to describe a party venue, the term luxury is not restricted to a particular style of architecture or interior design. Historic properties right through to cutting edge, contemporary buildings can all fall into this category – but it takes more than just a beautiful building to provide a luxury party venue. The devil is in the detail.

Flawless décor and furnishings, regardless of their fashion, are essential in a venue’s quest to warrant the luxury tag. It’s easy to be wowed by the big picture when looking round a venue for the first time, but remember, your guests are going to be spending a good four hours (at least) in the space and will notice frayed carpets, grubby wallpaper and peeling paint, so make sure you scrutinise the little things. Your venue is an extension of you or your brand, and paying attention to even the smallest of details shows you care.

The loos

No luxury London party venue worth its salt will have anything other than spectacular bathrooms. (In fact, there are event award categories dedicated to toilets!) All of your guests will be visiting the facilities at some point during your event, so you should expect nothing but the best from the calibre of venues that describe themselves as luxury. Make sure paying a visit to the little boys’ or girls’ room is on your schedule as you look around all venue contenders.

The catering

It goes without saying that the food and drink served at your event play an incredibly important role in its success. Whether you intend to provide canapes and bowl food, a range of food stations or a three-course, sit-down meal, a luxury party venue will create high-end, restaurant-quality food that will impress even the most discerning of clientele.

Most luxury party venues in London will offer organisers a tasting once a date has been confirmed, but it’s also worth asking if you can speak to a handful of previous clients who you can ask about the catering before you commit. After the venue itself, the catering is likely to be the next, most-talked about thing during and after your event. Make sure its exceptional.

The venue’s story

Small talk at an event will largely revolve around your venue and its food. But what if your luxury London party venue also had a story to tell? Maybe its architect won an award, or it was built or lived in by an interesting, historical figure, or it could be that something truly remarkable happened within its walls many years ago. A story adds an element of fantasy and intrigue to a venue increasing its appeal for your party goers.


Hosting an event that lives on in the memories of your guests, long after they’ve gone home, is a huge accolade to your efforts. What’s also important, perhaps even more so than this, is when those memories are shared with friends and family. If you can choose a venue your guests are going to be proud to be pictured in, the likelihood is that many of them will post their experiences on social media, spreading the word about your fabulous event far and wide.

Sense of occasion

If every element of your event is luxurious, it will help give your party the sense of occasion the event deserves. The importance of the individual, product or circumstances you’re celebrating is directly reflected in the details of the party you throw, so if you ensure every detail of the night is luxurious, then your guests will understand the gravitas of your event.

A luxury party at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace

As well as offering organisers the choice of 10, elegant party spaces, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace also boasts unrivalled views over St James Park, Whitehall and the Mall. Nestled in a neighbourhood surrounded by equally impressive buildings, the venue has a history and pedigree that never fail to get visitors talking. Home to the British Academy and granted Grade 1 listed status, our Georgian venue was once residence to Prime Minister William Gladstone.

Our catering partner, Searcys, offers a range of seasonal menus suitable for every occasion including birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, sit-down dinners and festive celebrations. If there’s something in particular you’d like to serve your guests, they are also happy to work with clients to create entirely bespoke dishes for your event. Get in touch with our friendly staff to talk through your next by calling 020 7969 5224.