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Top Wedding Trends for 2023

January 2023

With 2022 now in the rear-view mirror, we’re excited about ushering in the new year, along with all it will bring. With the new year comes a new wedding season and as many couples are thinking about their plans for their 2023 wedding and so, in the spirit of keeping up with what’s current, we’re bringing you the top wedding trends for a day to remember in 2023. 

Experience-led Weddings

The last few years have seen many old traditions and expectations shaken up, revamped, or even completely scrapped. Current generations are more likely to ask ‘why?’ rather than going along with the status quo for the sake of it. This thinking has translated into couples’ wedding planning, making the overall experience a priority in the process, including or excluding aspects of their day that will please themselves and their guests according to their own interests, rather than tradition alone. 

2023 will see a big focus on experience-led weddings, introducing fun concepts like cocktail hours, and having high-quality entertainment that is not restricted to a wedding band or DJ. Think more along the lines of surprise singing waiters or musicians that immerse themselves amongst your guests and bring an individual experience to each table.

If that’s still too mundane then there’s always the option to stun guests into silence with street magicians and palm readers. Push the boat out even further and there’s face painting or artists that create live drawings throughout the day for guests to take home as a keepsake.

Couples want their wedding to be unique and memorable experiences for their guests, so veering away from the norm is becoming ‘the new norm!’ Luckily we work with some of the best entertainment suppliers in the land, so if you're looking for suggestions and ideas, feel free to get in touch.

The return of the disposable camera

With everyone possessing a camera (on their phones at least) many have forgotten the charms of developing film and going to the Snappy Snaps kiosk with excitement to see their lovingly developed pictures. Well, it seems there is a yearning to take nostalgia from the memory bank back to reality, with couples giving their guests the chance to photograph the day from their own point of view - making some beautiful, funny and shareable moments - that also happen to be great for sharing on social media.

If the thought of investing in multiple throwaway cameras is too much then consider just the one Polaroid. We’ve seen the rise of the Polaroid Pinboard in place of the traditional guestbook. Just leave a Polaroid camera (fully loaded and with spares!) next to a pinboard or guestbook and allow guests to take snaps throughout the day and leave their handwritten notes to the happy couple. This one always gets more entertaining as the day goes by and the drinks start flowing.

2023 will also see the incorporation of more natural shots, rather than the traditional majority of staged shots.

Selective Guest lists

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning your wedding (or planning someone else’s!). You might not be surprised to hear that couples can experience great anxiety over their wedding guestlist. Let’s be honest, letting our team here at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace plan your wedding is the easy part - just let us know what you need - and we’ll take it from there. However, one thing we can’t help you decide is if you should invite your 3rd cousin removed who you haven’t seen since you were 6 months old (or so you’ve been told).

Modern times require modern, yet, diplomatic measures and we have seen our couples opt for carefully selected guest lists of loved ones who are actively involved in their current lives. Due to restrictions in the pandemic, many couples could only invite a certain number of guests to their wedding, however, we have seen this trend expand into weddings of all sizes, putting quality over quantity, regardless of the total guest count.

Twilight Weddings

We aren’t referring to the popular movie franchise here; 2022 saw more and more couples taking advantage of geological factors for their big day. In the past, evening weddings have been seen as less than ideal when compared to daytime weddings - however, views are changing on this. Many couples find the prospect of a twilight wedding appealing due to the romantic atmosphere that results from nuptials at sunset as well as the cost savings that can be had. Twilight weddings also make for spectacular photo opportunities, after all, London is pretty spectacular in the night-time.

Sweetheart Tables

The tradition of the newly married couple sitting at the head table along with important relatives is a well-loved experience many cherish. However, there is a lovely twist on the original being ushered into 2023 weddings in the form of sweetheart tables. Many are choosing this feature for their wedding so they can spend some time soaking in the joy of the day together, whispering ‘sweet nothings’ and who knows - maybe even feeding each other some wedding cake (if you’re as romantic as us!). They are also really popular for micro weddings, which show no sign of slowing down post-pandemic. You can read our blog on planning the perfect micro-wedding here.

Less is more: simple, beautiful cakes

Over the last five years, wedding cakes were experiencing their complete opulence stage, with many couples trying to outdo their fellow newlyweds with the most audacious cake in town! However, 2023 is set to see the return of the understated, minimalist cake, bringing demure elegance to the foreground. According to, couples are also increasingly requesting fruit-flavoured cakes, a departure from the traditional (yet equally delicious) vanilla sponge.

Sustainable Floristry

There was a time in the past when one could walk into a wedding and mistake it for the RHS Chelsea flower show. We anticipate that the newlyweds to be of 2023 will be taking a slightly more understated approach to floral arrangements as well as scaling back on the overall amount of flowers used. 

As the world sees an increased awareness of the need for sustainable practices, couples are using silk flowers and opting for hire rather than purchase. In the case of naturally grown floral arrangements, local produce is favoured. Wedding settings will have a more minimalist atmosphere, including bouquets, with mini, sleek arrangements being favoured, versus the traditional larger arrangement. Floral arrangements are also being used to create socially sharable photo moments, with flower walls and arches still being a popular choice for couples.

Modern Catering

Catering spend has increased by 20% since 2021, despite lower guest numbers for weddings. Couples have been putting a lot of thought into their catering choices, with several motivations for their selections. While there is still a place for traditional wedding dining, couples are choosing to get more creative with their menu options, offering fusion cuisine that mixes several culturally classic dishes; as well as having plant-based options as standard. This makes for a deliciously inclusive experience for guests. Eco-consciousness also comes into consideration for an increasing number of couples making menu choices according to local and seasonal ingredients available.

Here at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, we work with premier caterer Searcy’s to create unforgettable and delectable experiences for our Wedding parties, whether you are holding an intimate wedding breakfast, or giving your guests a 3-course meal with canapé’s during the day or evening. Contact our team to discuss what Master-Chef worth creations you would like served at your wedding.

Dramatic dresses

It seems the cringe associated with wedding dresses of decades gone by (do we hear the 1980s calling?) is slightly lessening, and dramatic wedding dresses are very much back ‘in’ with the fashion police! 2023 is set to see a variety of wedding dress styles go back into vogue, ranging from off-the-shoulder with sleeve styles, to heavily embellished embroidered and pearled designs. A modern twist on classical princess bridal attire will be seen, with designs favouring full skirts and fitted bodices, however room for alternative designs such as highly tailored wedding suits, mini dresses and ethereal caped outfits will also be made.

Opulent Venues

Rather than over-focusing on the traditional gambit of decorations to accompany their wedding- many couples are opting to let their venue do the talking, choosing multi-function venues that are in sought-after locations with beautiful architecture and exceptional interior design. Couples want their guests to be wowed by the venue itself, with the wedding set-up complimenting the already impressive venue. Luckily at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, that’s our speciality, our guests love our Georgian architecture with opulent winding staircases, leading to our adjoined Council and Music rooms where ceremonies, as well as receptions, can be held.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, in a beautiful location, with a highly experienced team to bring your wedding dreams to life, contact our team today on 0202 7969 5223; or email us at

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