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10-11 Carlton House Terrace’s Guide for the Perfect Summer Party

July 2022

It’s an unspoken British tradition that when the sun makes an appearance, we don’t mess about. Outside with strawberries in cream or a Pimm’s in hand, we’ve got to make the most of the summer months while they’re here.

 It’s no surprise, then, that summer parties are one of the nation’s favourite events, and there’s a good reason for that. A mid-year celebration is the perfect way to get everyone together in a light-hearted and relaxed environment with great weather making for great moods. Whether it’s a summer get together amongst friends and family, or a corporate celebration to show your gratitude and bring employees together, a summer party is always a great idea.

A London Summer Party

London makes a perfect location for a summer party. With excellent transport routes into and around the city, it’s the perfect choice for guests whether they’re coming from around the corner, around the country or even travelling in internationally.

Don’t let the idea of a hot and sweaty metropolis in the height of summer put you off, there are plenty of hidden gems dotted around the city. From classic London rooftops to venues with outdoor gardens for the perfect backdrop and marquees with catering as well as those providing indoor space should the weather change. London is home to many a gorgeous venue where you’ll feel miles away from the bustling city on your doorstep, without losing the practicality of a London postcode. 

{10-11} Carlton House Terrace is just such a location. You’ll find us hidden away in the heart of Westminster with our own little garden oasis, surrounded by the stunning area of St James’s, but just a short distance from several London Underground and mainline train stations. It really couldn’t be easier to get to, and when you’re planning the perfect summer party, practicality should be a top priority.

Choosing a venue is your first priority once you’ve decided on a London summer party. Finding the perfect one is more than choosing a venue with a garden and calling it a day. The space you set your heart on has the potential to impact the size of your event, the entertainment you offer, and the catering package you go with.

Here at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, we’ve hosted our fair share of fantastic summer parties, so we have a lot of advice to offer when it comes to planning the best party of the season. To make it that little bit simpler for you, here are our top tips, to ensure you’re planning the ultimate summer party that guests will be raving about well into those rainy winter months.

Get Outside

There’s something quintessentially English about a summer garden party. Hosting your summer party outdoors in a beautiful garden is not only a way to instantly lift the mood of your guests with some fresh air and space to move around in but will provide a great backdrop for any event photography.

You’ll want to find a garden with enough space to comfortably accommodate your guests while ensuring there’s room enough to mingle and take part in any fun games or entertainment you’ve rustled up (more on that later). It’s also a good idea to look for a garden location that has the right level of space to allow guests to take a step aside from the group and hold smaller conversations as well as providing ample space for any catering requirements.

Step back and think about the amount of sunlight the garden is likely to get. If a garden is built up on all four sides, then chances are it will be in the shade for most of the duration, so find somewhere a little more exposed for optimal sunlight.

While we’re talking light – take an opportunity to find out how the garden looks of an evening. If your event runs into the evening and after dark make sure the garden still looks great – whether this is a case of up-lighting in trees, festoon lighting or storm candles – as the sun sets on your party.

All-weather options

While London may enjoy some fabulous days full of sunshine and blue skies, it’s important to factor in the ‘traditional’ English summer and keep a wet weather option on your checklist. We don’t want anyone to be caught out if the heavens open, and we certainly wouldn’t want the fun to stop. That’s why we make sure to include a wet weather option in our summer party package . Choose from a choice of 7 equally elegant rooms, ranging in capacity from 18 to 125, so you’re well equipped should the weather do a U-turn.

Speaking of unpredictable weather, should your event fall in the middle of one of those blazing summer heat waves, make sure there’s ample shade for guests to get out of the sun and cool off. Whether that’s arranging for parasols, or some leafy trees, it’s important to ensure there’s somewhere guests can seek refuge should the UK morph temporarily into the Mediterranean. And don’t forget to remind them to pack some sun cream!

Fun and games

When it comes to summer party entertainment, the options are plentiful. Having something for guests to engage with and get involved is a great way for them to let loose and have some real fun, as well as offering up the perfect chance to kickstart conversations and build connections.

If you’re looking for a hair-down, shirtsleeves up type of party then incorporating some fun summer garden games is a classic. Giant chess, noughts and crosses, or a ring toss are some fantastic ideas for light-hearted easy-going garden party games to get guests laughing and interacting with one another. Or dial it up a notch and include some sports day themed competitions. Challenge your guests to work together and take part in some classic games like a sack race, egg and spoons, or even a wheelbarrow race.

If it’s a corporate summer get together, then it’s a fantastic way to work on those all-important teamwork skills away from your typical office setting. Just remind guests to wear flexible clothing so they can really roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. At {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, we love a good summer party game, so you’ll get the use of our giant garden games at your summer party included in the price.

If it’s a more sedate summer drinks reception you’re looking for, then somewhere with ample seating so guests can relax and unwind in the sun is a must-have. We mentioned shady areas earlier, so have some seating in both the shade and sun so guests can choose where to perch and have a good chat.

Food, glorious food (& drinks)

With the sun, hopefully, shining and not a cloud in sight, it’s best to opt for some light, refreshing dishes rather than anything too heavy. Make the most of seasonal fruits and veg and have a play with some bright and colourful salads. Bowl food or canapés are a great addition to any summer do, so you don’t have to worry about seating arrangements, and guests are free to continue their conversations with a delicious nibble in hand.

At {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, we know that food and drink are key elements in the success of your event. Our catering partner Searcys have prepared a choice of four different summer menu options for our summer party package, from elegant canapés to a hearty barbecue feast, that celebrate local, fresh, and seasonal British produce.

The summer season is the perfect excuse to experiment with some cult classic cocktails. Everyone loves a Pimm’s or a cold pint, so make sure those are readily available. Fruity and refreshing cocktails are always a hit, so a fun drinks list will complement your summer party to a T. Make sure you have some non-alcoholic options and soft drinks at the ready for those guests who don’t drink alcohol!

Summer parties at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace

After a couple of summers of false-starts, 2022 is set to be the perfect time for a summer party to remember. If you’re looking for the perfect place to host a corporate or private summer get together, then we are here to help. Our packages run until the end of September.

Our dedicated team will work alongside you, and tailor the package accordingly to create the summer party of your dreams. All wrapped up in our own little slice of heaven, hidden away in the middle of the city. What could be better?

For further information, get in touch with the team here or give us a call on 020 7969 5224